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FIRST DAY HIGH- Canyon Apr 1st-5th

Hi everyone! Welcome to our blog.
First, we would like to congratulate and welcome all our new students to ISN preschool. Most of our little ones are still adjusting to their new environment and conquering their separation anxiety. But nonetheless, everybody had a wonderful first week of school! Let’s enjoy and make this school year a memorable one.


While we were waiting for our newcomers, some of our youngsters made a craft for our classroom decoration. To start off, we read a story and sang a song “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” They colored and drew the raindrops and put eyes on them. Each of them showed some creativity and even shared the color they wanted. They said, “I like blue,” “I like purple,” “I like pink,” etc. Good English, Canyon! Thank you for sharing.

新入園のお友達を待つ間、在園児のCanyonの子どもたちは教室の飾りになるクラフトを作りました。まず始めに、”Itsy Bitsy Spider “の絵本を読み、みんなで歌も歌いました。絵本に登場する、雨粒に色を塗ったり、目をつけたりしました。それぞれが創造力を発揮し、「I like blue.」「I like perple.」、「I like pink」、など、好きな色も教えてくれました。みんな上手に答えられたね!

Playing with play dough is a very kinesthetic activity that is good for the muscles, joints, and bones in a child’s arms and hands.
Our young ones loved making something out of playdough, such as a big and small ball, and forming alphabet letters. Through this sensory activity, we can also do Math. Some said they wanted to make 10 big and small balls and practiced counting them. Others made some delicious food like pizza and rice balls. One student also shared and said, “I like cheese pizza!” It’s good to know what our kids are interested in doing.


That’s all for this week. Thank you for visiting our blog and have a wonderful weekend, everyone! See you on Monday.