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WE ARE BALANCED- Canyon May 7th-10th


As we continue our discussion about how to be balanced, our youngsters are doing a great job in practicing it at school. They are looking after themselves by eating healthy and delicious foods, washing their hands properly to protect themselves from getting sick, brushing their teeth properly to avoid cavities, and practicing a healthy lifestyle by spending happy times with their teachers and friends at school. Keep it up!



Also, we had a deeper conversation about ourselves and the things we like, such as our favorite color and shape. Our youngsters shared their favorites in front of the class and practiced saying “I like _________.” It was great to know who among their friends have the same and different interests from them. For their activities, we learned new songs as follows:

「自分自身」についてよく知るために、好きな色や形など、自分たちが好きなものについて話し合いました。いろいろな色や形について歌やゲームを通して楽しみながら理解を深め、その後自分たちが好きな色や形を選んでクラスのみんなの前で、「I like …」と発表しました。お友達の中で、自分と同じ色や形が好きな子、違うものが好きな子がいることがわかりお互いを知ることができました。レッスンでは次のような歌を歌いました。お家でも歌ってみてください。

Color song: 

Shape song:

We also did coloring the crayon worksheet with their favorite color and tracing their favorite shape. Well done!


This month, we started our phonics lesson. We learned the uppercase and lowercase letter A, its sound, and some words that begin with it, like apple, ant, alligator, arm, astronaut, and arrow. To assess the students, we did a “finding uppercase and lowercase letter A” activity in the classroom. Our little ones explored and looked around to find the letter A. Some even used a book to see more letter A’s. Great job!

今月からフォニックスレッスンが始まりました。大文字と小文字のAa、その文字の音、そしてapple、ant、alligator、arm、astronaut、arrowなど、Aから始まる単語を学びました。みんながどれだけ理解できたかを知るために、教室で「大文字と小文字のA探し」をしました!たくさんの「Aa」を見つけるために、ネームカードや、教室の中にある様々なサイン、ポスター、ブックコーナーに置いてある本の中など、あちこち探しまわりました! Great job!

The gym is our essential go-to place to do some exercises. Everybody is enjoying their time at the gym as we dance, run around, crawl on the floor, jump like a rabbit, balance like a flamingo, play with a ball and hula-hoop. These kinds of exercises help our young ones to build strong bones and muscles, increase concentration and relaxation, boost self-esteem and confidence, and create better sleep patterns.


Thank you for reading our blog and see you next week!

Have a good weekend, everyone.