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Bug Hunt at Gojo Campus 7/29 SV/RF

There are several events that happened this week, with the highlight being our visit to the Gojo Campus for the bug hunt. This is the children’s very first visit and they were thrilled! From the vast space outside the campus where they could run free and roam around, to the minibeasts we found on the open field. They love most of what was inside the campus, the friends that they used to know and the grand hallways and classrooms. Aside from the insects we caught, they were absolutely fascinated and fell in love with the campus. Their excitement went on even after we came back from the visit! We cannot wait to pay them another visit in the future. 
今週は色々なイベントがありました!まずは五常キャンパスへ行きました。クラスみんなで五常キャンパスへ行くのは初めてで、みんなとても興奮していました!キャンパスの外はとても広々としていて、走ったり探索したりするにはもってこいでした!たくさんのミニビーストも見つけることができました。そして、みんなが何より気に入っていたのは、キャンパス内で会うことができたお兄さん、お姉さん達でした!たくさんの教室や、職員室、図書室、音楽室などを見学して、五常キャンパスに魅了されたようでした💖 また五常キャンパスを訪問できる日が待ちきれないですね😉

After our visit to the Gojo Campus, we recapped what minibeasts and insects we have seen during our bug hunt. The children did a great job search and remembered to check them off the bug hunt chart. We added the bug hunt chart and some photos we took from the Gojo Campus on our ISN surrounding map.  

This week in the workstation we worked on some math skills. The children had fun making numbers with clay as well as practice writing them. They all tried their best and are getting better at their penmanship.

The elementary students’ internship ended with a wonderful interactive activity. The children loved having the students helping us the whole week and the lesson they have provided went along with what we have been discussing in the UOI lessons. The children were able to apply what they had learned about insects and minibeasts when they were asked to stick their minibeasts in the correct place where they would find their homes. It was fun and challenging. Much thanks to the elementary teacher and students! 

We have progressed the UOI lesson to the next LOI of learning about life cycles of the minibeasts. In the next month we will focus on how each insect and minibeasts grow and the changes they go through. We have already heard some of the children sharing their ideas of how the insects grow. We hope in the month to come as they learn more about these creepy crawling insects they will grow in knowledge and more love and appreciation of them. 

In an effort to help the children understand the term about tastes, we had a tasting experiment during the work station. The children are a bit confused about the terms sour and spicy. Although the taste sweet is familiar to them, they were surprised to find out what “salty” really means. As they tried the various foods to learn the taste and names used to describe the taste, they had a fun time discovering and commenting what they liked and what not. It was quite interesting to see some children actually enjoy the spicy taste! 
今週のワークステーションでは、算数の他に「味覚」について学びました。子どもたちの「味についての用語」を理解してもらうために、みんなで味覚実験をしました。子どもたちは酸っぱいと辛いという言葉について少し混乱しているようです。甘い味はおなじみですが、塩(岩塩)の粒を味見して、初めて「塩味」の本当の意味に驚いたように見えました(笑)いろいろな食べ物を試して味や味を表す言葉を覚えながら、好きなものと嫌いなものを見つけ出し、それについて話し合いをしたので、とても楽しい時間となりました💕 辛い味を実際に楽しみ、大好き!辛くない!と言っている子どもたち数名を見るのも面白かったです(笑)

Last but not least, just a little update that our snail friend has laid some snail eggs this week! We cannot wait to meet those snail babies!!