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Rain or shine, we NEVER stop having fun! (SVRF 11/4)

In the UOI lesson this week we have moved on from LOI 1 to LOI2 discussing the different ways we can tell a story. First off the bat was the introduction of the children’s favorite books brought from home. They talked about the book they picked and why they liked it. It was inspirational to hear everyone’s perspectives of what they value the most. We have also concluded what we have been learning in the past month on the elements of a story by watching a short film about snails and whales. They children really loved it and I hope they have shared the story with you at home. 
今週の UOI レッスンでは、LOI 1 から LOI2 に進み、ストーリーを伝えるさまざまな方法について話し合いました。まず最初に、家から持ってきてもらったお気に入りの本のShow&Tellをしました。みんな自分が好きな1シーンを選び、なぜその部分が好きなのかを話してくれました。さまざまな「好きな理由」を聞くのはみんなにとってとても刺激的でした。また、カタツムリとクジラの短編映画を見て、物語の要素について話し合い、LOI1の復習をすることもできました。クラスのみんなはこの物語をとても気に入ったようでした。

As we come to the end of the autumn season, the children made autumn wreaths this week in celebration of this magnificent season. They were all excited to stuff and glue their wreaths with the nature items we have been collecting in the past few months. With a little help from the teachers, they made marvelous wreaths that are beyond our expectations! We cannot wait to decorate our hallways with their finishing projects! 

With the unpredictable weather this month, the children enjoyed the fresh air when it was sunny outside. We had our regular walk to the parks and they seemed to grow a bit stronger and taller for the climbing structures. When it rained, we played indoor games that promoted social skills as well as challenging their large motor skills. Rain or shine, we never stop having fun!