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Rainforest and Communication: July 18-21

Our inquiry into conflict made us think of WHY conflict happens. I’m angry he snatched the toy! I’m upset. It’s my turn, not his turn! He didn’t follow the rules! Why are they having an argument? Why are they disagreeing with one another? Rainforest though long and hard. From our discussions, we realised that sometimes we think of only ourselves and we are not sharing. Sometimes, we do not have the same ideas and we want different things. Then disagreement happens.


We watched a video story about a group of elephants – “That Fruit is Mine!” Each tried to get to the fruit but failed. They saw a group of mice working together. They did just that too. They worked together and had a fruit feast! We also examined what communication means. Being a good communicator is one of our IB learner profiles for this unit. It involves speaking, listening, body language and facial expression. We tried the game “Pass the Message”. It was not easy. “He is too soft. I can’t hear. I don’t know what he’s saying. Too many words! We reflected on how having good communication is so important.

象たちの物語「その果物は私の物。」を見ました。それぞれの象が果物を手に入れようとして失敗しました。そんな中、ネズミたちが協力している姿を見て、象たちも真似をしました。彼らは協力し合い、ついに果物を食べることができました。私たちは、コミュニケーションとは何なのかについても考えました。コミュニケーションができる人になることは、このユニットのIB学習者像のひとつです。コミュニケーションには、話すこと、聞くこと、身振り手振り、表情などが含まれます。”Pass the Message “というゲームをやってみました。このゲームは簡単ではありませんでした。「彼の声は静かすぎる。聞き取れない。何を言っているのかわからない。言葉が多すぎるなど。このゲームをやった後、良好なコミュニケーションをとることがいかに重要であるか振り返りをしました。

We had made a mini book for the digraph /ck/ as in Jack, pack, duck. Rainforest did a digraph hunt in the classroom and spotted ‘check, snack, block, clock’. Well done! We figured out letters that confused us by picturing the shape with our hands and pictures. B is a bat with a ball. D is a drum with a stick.

フォニックスレッスンでは、Jack、pack、duckのように、/ck/という2重子音のミニ絵本を作りました。クラスルーム内でckがつく単語をさがしました。「check, snack, block, clock」を見つけることができました!それから、私たちは手と絵で形を想像し、bやdのような混乱しやすい文字について考えました。bはボールを持ったバット。dは棒のついた太鼓と覚えると覚えやすいですね。

Learning takes place everywhere, even during pool play! We had fun fitting bottle caps to the correct bottles and squeezing water out. We tried pouring into different containers. We figured out out how to work the knobs of bottle caps so water flows out. We carried out an Earthquake Drill too for outdoor play. What do we do when we are in the schoolyard pool during an earthquake? Rainforest practised holding onto the top metal frame, grasping the poles with both hands to steady themselves. They waited for further instructions then calmly made a line to step out of the pool. Good job!


Finally, harvest time for our red radishes! We completed our Plant Diary with the first entry dated May 30 and the last entry July 21. What a labour of love! Rainforest tried some during lunch – smell like potato, taste like lemon, hot, spicy!


Our love and best wishes to Y. She was back with us for the summer. This was her last week. Goodbye, Y! We had great fun together, thank you! 夏に短期間、ISNに戻ってきてくれたYちゃん。今日が最終日でした。とても楽しい毎日はあっという間でした。またいつか会おうね!

Till next week, take care and have a fun-tabulous weekend! 来週また会いましょう!良い週末を!