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Rainforest and More Teamwork: September 4-8

Rainforest has been gearing up for our Sports Festival. Our IB inquiries into team goals have been so relevant to Rainforest as we prepare for our Sports Festival. We have been setting team goals and thinking of ways to achieve our goals together. We had fun playing Captain’s Ball and soccer too. We reflected on teamwork and good sportmanship.

We want to do our best in the Moana dance… the words in the song can help us remember the steps. We want to do our half wheels well…Ms Shino (Gym Teacher) can help us. I can teach my friend how to do the half wheel. We can play soccer together and kick many balls into the goal!



As we played our sports games, we reminded ourselves to be good communicators – one of the IB Learner Profile. We have to listen, follow the rules and speak clearly to communicate our opinions. We kept scores too as we played our sports games. Math addition was weaved into our IB unit. Organising ourselves into groups of the same number equally and getting our ordinal positions 1st, 2nd, 3rd… in the relay race were some of the concepts applied.


We had a school ‘Loiterer’ drill. What do we do in the event of an intruder in our campus grounds? We made sure the classroom was locked and we were silent. The Matsumoto Police visited and gave a talk about dealing with strangers.


ISN students have been practising our song for Sport Festival ‘Travel Through the World’. Please see the youtube link below and sing with your child at home! Till next week, have a fantastic weekend!