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What a mess! – Rainforest 5/20 ~ 5/24

This week, a messy classroom greeted the students after returning from the Music Lesson!

What happened? Who did this? These were some of the questions the students uttered upon stumbling upon the unusual situation in the classroom. Their faces looked upset and curious and when asked: How do you feel? to which they replied: “I am sad because the classroom is messy. I am angry because this happened. Who could do this?”


To calm their feelings down, the whole class cleaned up together and sat down and documented how they were feeling; we learned that documenting feelings, or assessing how we feel will help us to calm down and thus give us good mental health and well-being. Off they went and stated their feelings through drawing; some said: I was angry because the toys were everywhere; I stepped on the toys and it hurt a lot!, and also some said: After cleaning up I feel happy. Some set their goals to clean not just at their home but also in the classroom! The activity helped our inquirers see the importance of cleaning our surroundings and how it affects our mental and physical health.

気持ちを落ち着かせるために、子どもたち全員が一緒に掃除をし、自分の気持ちを絵に描くことにしました。気持ちを記録すること、つまり自分の気持ちを評価することが、気持ちを落ち着かせ、精神的な健康と幸福をもたらすことを学びました。 おもちゃが散らかっていて腹が立った、 掃除をした後は嬉しい気分になる、ということで家だけでなく、クラスもきれいにすることを目標にする子もいました。この活動は、私たちの身の回りをきれいにすることの大切さ、そしてそれが私たちの心身の健康にどのような影響を与えるかを知る助けとなりました。

Our Rainforest students are having so much fun in their Japanese lessons! Before they delved into the next character, Ms. Ayako read a funny story in Japanese it was about これは のみの ぴこ_; the kids filled the rooms with giggles and laughter!This week they inquired about the character “へ”. Our little thinkers explored through their imagination and thought of Japanese words that started with “て”, after that they practiced writing the character and had fun speaking in Japanese with each other.

子どもたちは日本語のレッスンをとても楽しんでいます!次の文字の練習を始める前に、日本語で「これは のみの ぴこ」という面白い話を読んでくれました!子どもたちは大喜びでした。今週は「へ」のつく言葉を言い合いました。次の文字「て」を書く練習しました。

After getting to know Mr. Bossy R in Phonics, we are now looking at the difference between long and short vowel sounds, and this week we had fun sounding Short and Long /a/ and /e/ and looking for words that contain them. This lesson will help them master reading words under the Magic e! We all can’t wait!

フォニックスでボッシーRを理解した後、長母音と短母音の違いに注目し、短母音と長母音の/a/と/e/を楽しく発音し、それらを含む単語を探しました。このレッスンは、Magic eの下にある単語の読み方をマスターする事に役立ちます!みんな楽しんでいました!

We all wish you good well-being and may everyone have good habits that will keep themselves healthy!


This is the link related to brushing teeth that we watched in the class.

Have a lovely weekend and see you all in the next blog!