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Beep Beep! – Savanna 7/3 – 7/7

What is more important than our safety?

This week, The traffic enforcers from the Matsumoto City Hall paid our campus a visit to share with our students how to keep ourselves safe when we are out and about. To make the discussion more fun, the officers brought with them a mascot named Risu. She helped us to understand the 3 important things to remember when we are traveling: 1. Always wear the seatbelt, 2. Hold adults’ hands when walking, and 3. Raise hands when crossing the street. We all had fun learning about the importance of keeping ourselves safe and protecting our life.

今週は松本市交通安全課の方に来ていただき、交通安全教室を行いました。外出時に自分たちの身を守る方法を、マスコットのリスくんと一緒に学びました。覚えておくべき3つの大切なお約束は、 1. 車に乗る時は必ずチャイルドシートに乗り、シートベルトを着用すること 2. 道路や駐車場を歩くときは、大人と手をつなぐこと。3.  道路を渡るときは、左右を確認し、大きく手を上げること。リスくんのお話をよく聞いて、楽しく自分の安全を守り、命を守ることの大切さを学ぶことができました。

We practiced our listening skills in our Phonics lesson. The teacher read a short story without showing any pictures; the challenge was: Listen to the prominent sound that they hear and guess the word family that is involved in the story. The students had so much fun practicing their listening skills, they helped each other to finish the task and find out the mystery family word. We made a mini-book after the listening activity and practiced writing some words in the book.

Our gym open day was also held this week. The event was attended by most of our loving parents. We were all very proud to show them our moves and different gymnastic skills. We all can’t wait for the Sports Festival to come and show them more!



We have just started our second unit, but we all are having fun already!

The inquiry is about living creatures, focusing on insects. We are all excited to find the answer to why Living Creatures are essential members of the planet by conducting lots of research and finding out about different living creatures around us, How they grow, and our responsibility towards them.



Our outdoor pool has also started this week! yay!!

今週から園庭プールの活動も始まりました!汗を流し、思い切り楽しんでいます♫ 毎日のプールバックのご準備、ありがとうございます。

The Savannah garden is now able to harvest a few cucumbers each day. Please enjoy the bounty of the earth at home.



Happy Summer!