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The BER Months – Savanna 8/28 – 9/1

This month has passed so quickly, tho it has been hot, we all enjoyed every moment of it and had a good time.

This week, we conducted the very first earthquake drill during the nap time. Since it was our first time, we thought that kids would be startled, disoriented, and cry. So we let them know the plan in advance. The kids were very alert and knew what to: They hid under their Japanese mattress and covered their heads. After that, they used their folder blankets to cover their heads since their protective hats were out of reached. The drill went well and was very successful. The discussion of the rules on how to evacuate was students centered, meaning the talking was mostly done by the students instead of the teacher, explaining to their classmates why is it important to follow the rules and the reason why we do it.



Our little readers’ phonemic awareness is getting bolder. Most of our little readers can read words by sight, meaning in one look, they can already read without sounding each letter. Some can even read a whole paragraph already. We all can’t wait to read one whole book with everyone.


The preparation for one of the biggest events of the year, Sports Festiva, is still on. We are all giving our best to memorize the order of the steps for our paraballoon performance and practice the three secret techniques to run fast. We are just excited for the sports fest. We are looking forward to flaunting our beautiful costumes, booth and crafts and our gymnastic routines to everybody!


Time flies and we are at the last days of our summer month, soon, the cool breeze will greet us in the morning, leaves will change their colors and so does our season. We all just can’t wait to welcome The Ber months and the fun that they bring!


This is the opening song for the Sports Festival. We will be singing it with all the parents. Please try singing it with your children at home.


This is the song used for our para balloon performance. We will perform bridge during the performance! We are practicing it at the school now, but please practice it at home as well.

こちらはパラバルーンパフォーマンスで使用する曲です。パフォーマンス中にブリッジを披露します! スクールで目下練習中ですが、おうちでも練習してください。

Till the next blog!