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Savanna: A walk to remember 01/15 – 01/19

The curiosity of our inquirers about the current theme, Community Helpers, took the whole class in the streets of Toyoshina in Azumino. Our feet helped us explore the city and look at the different buildings in the place, everyone was in awe as they saw different shapes, sizes, and types of buildings. As we walked, the little explorers were asking: What building is that? Who works there? Some know the answers, but some don’t, but that is totally because, from their questions, our inquiry will flourish and be more productive.

地域で活躍する「コミュニティヘルパー」についての探究を始めるにあたり、みんなで安曇野市豊科の街を散策してきました。様々な形や大きさ、種類の建物を見ながら歩き、小さな探究家たちはたくさんの疑問を抱きました:「 あれは何の建物?」、「あそこで働いているのはどんな人?」。答えを知っている子もいれば、知らない子もいました。でも、まったく問題ありません。なぜなら、彼らの質問から、私たちの探究心が芽生え、今回のユニットがより生産的なものになるからです。

Our little readers are making big progress in their reading class: To help them hone their skills more, we started to segment words they encounter a lot; we divide each word into two: Onset and Rime. The activity is very easy for the Savanna students, they would finish the task quickly and with smiles on their faces.


Before we ended our week, we took the opportunity to take our morning circle time outside: It is sometimes good for our body, soul, and mind to engage ourselves with nature. We sang from the heart as we felt the cool air outside, danced as the grasses tickled our legs and feet, and set our goals as our eyes were filled with beautiful views of the mountains and serene surroundings.


It was a normal walk to the park, but since everyone was happy and satisfied, it has become special and has become a walk to remember.


Have a lovely weekend and see you in the next one!