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“How We Express Ourselves” Shooting Star-October 3rd-7th


No more nap time for Shooting Star class. We got busier now than ever before. It was a big adjustment for us, but we did it with a great success. Although, we felt tired and a bit sleepy, we stay awake the whole day.

✅ Unit of Inquiry

Shooting Star class has just started our third unit with our Theme, How We Express Ourselves and our Central Idea, Communications can be expressed through stories. At the beginning of this unit, we will be discussing about the elements of a story which are the characters, setting, and the plot. We will be reading different kinds of books and one of them is Kamishibai. Yes! Shooting Star class loved listening to stories and the teachers noticed that students have enhanced their listening skills and they were able to tell who the characters are, where and when it happens, and and what’s the beginning, middle , and end of the story. This unit became so entertaining for us as we change the setting of our into a theater. We made a mini Puppet Theater where we read stories and a Concession Stand where they can pretend play buy some foods and drinks.
Unit3のテーマは”How We Express Ourselves”(私たちはどのように自分を表現するか)で、中心となる狙いは”Communications can be expressed through stories”(人は物語を通じて自分を表現する事が出来る)です!このユニットの始めには物語の構成や登場人物、場面などについて探求をします。

✅ Paint Party

We had fun playing with colors during our outside play. We made experiments by making different kinds of drinks, painting on a big paper, and making handprints with varieties of colors. We enjoyed a lot with this paint party activity and we are looking forward doing it again.
今週は園庭でPainting Partyを楽しみました!いろいろな色を混ぜてジュースを作る実験をしたり、大きな紙にお絵描きを楽しんだり、手形をとって遊びました!みんな次回開催を楽しみにしています♡

✅ Bus Trip

We were lucky because it didn’t rain even if the weather forecast said so. Although, it was cold outside, we took advantage of the opportunity to have fun together. While on our way to the play structure, we got the chance to watch an airplane taking off into the wind. And the most exciting part of our bus trip was opening our lunch box prepared for us by our dear parents. Thank you so much dear parents for our delightful lunch. After we came back to school, we drew our bus trip memories on a big white construction paper.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.