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Rainbow: Gym open day (June 19th~23rd)

Hello everyone!こんにちは、みなさん!

We hope you had a lovely week like we did. The highlight of our week was the gym open day. We got to enjoy gym class with our parents on Wednesday the 21st. It goes without saying that most of the Rainbow students cried when their parents left. Separation anxiety is normal for toddlers and it’s actually healthy because it shows that the kids share a special bond with their parents. The happiness they felt during gym open day outweighs this sadness and I guess when all is said and done, that’s all that really matters.


Water play and Paint play!

On Tuesday we enjoyed water play in the morning. We were lucky that just as we went outside our fellow nursery class Meadow, was doing a craft activity that involved using paint .They invited us to use the left over paint and we enjoyed ourselves so much.


Rain, rain go away

As you might all be aware by now, on Thursdays we go to play at the park. We were unfortunate that it rained all morning this week so we spent the whole day indoors. From the perspective of looking at the glass as half full not as half empty, we got to enjoy making a craft and playing with newspapers that we ripped into small pieces.

Our monthly song is “rain,rain go away.” The lyrics go like this,”rain, rain go away, come again another day,the kids want to play, rain rain go away.” Outdoor play is good for kids because it promotes better general health.Presented with a choice the majority of them would opt to play outside rather than inside. Spending time indoors made the students really appreciate the meaning of our monthly song.

毎週木曜日は公園へ行く予定になっていますが、あいにくの雨となり室内で過ごすこととなりました。クラフトをしたり、新聞紙を破いて遊んだりしました。今月のお歌は”rain,rain go away”。歌詞はこうです、”rain, rain go away, come again another day,the kids want to play, rain rain go away”戸外遊びは小さな子供にとってとても大切です。ほとんどの子供は外遊びを好みます。室内遊びは子供たちにこの歌の意味を理解してもらえる良い機会となりました。

Learning progress

As far as our lessons on Sea animals go, we learnt new sea animal names this week. The walrus, penguin, swordfish, cuttlefish, clownfish, stingray and seal. We basically alternated between reviewing the sea animal names that were introduced to us at the beginning of this month and learning the new ones. Everyone is enthusiastic about learning new things and remembering what they were taught a few weeks back gives them a deep sense of accomplishment.

今月のTheme、Sea Animalsは、今週新しい海の生き物を子どもたちに紹介しました。walrusセイウチ, penguinペンギン, swordfishメカジキ, cuttlefishコウイカ, clownfishカクレクマノミ, stingrayエイ, sealアザラシなどです。毎週復習をするとともに、少しずつ新しい動物の名前を学んでいます。レインボーさんみんなが新しい事を学ぶことを喜んでくれ、また以前に学んだことをしっかり覚えてくれています!

We look forward to meeting you next week our dear Rainbow class. Have a nice and relaxing weekend!