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Getting Bigger! – Savanna 10/2 – 10/6

The Savanna class has been accomplishing lots of its goals in the past few months; The students have all grown bigger than at the start of the year; they are now more independent, and more mature, but still as cute as they were a couple of months ago!


The whole class was elated and ecstatic as they welcomed a new member of the family. He is sweet, jolly, and friendly! We see a big potential in him and we all can’t wait to help him jump-start his journey to be an inquirer and an enthusiastic bi-lingual speaker.


As a treat for him, the class played the game “Who gets the cookie from the cookie jar?” This game helped him get more familiar with his new friends and feel belonged to the group. We all had fun and shared lots of laughter and giggles!

新しいお友達をと仲良くなるために、「Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?」というゲームをしました。クッキーを誰が持っているか、歌を歌いながらみんなで当てるゲームです。新しフレーズを覚えると共に、みんなで楽しい時間を過ごしました。

The last unit was a blast, our little inquirers are more knowledgeable and open-minded now; they have honed their research skills and social skills well to get the answers to their questions! It was indeed a successful inquiry for them!

A new unit is about to start, and we all can’t wait how our little inquirers will use their skills to satisfy their curiosity and be more knowledgeable about the topic! Let’s all look forward to it!

昆虫を中心とした、「生き物」に関するユニットは大成功に終わりました。このユニットを通して、小さな探究者たちはより知識が豊富(Knowledgeable) で、心を開くことができる人(Open minded)になりました。また、自分たちの知りたい答えを得るためにリサーチスキルとソーシャルスキルを磨きました!


こちらは新しいGood morning songです。体が自然に動いてしまうリズムと、色々な国の「おはよう」が歌える、とっても楽しい曲です。子どもたちもノリノリで歌っています♬

Have a wonderful long weekend!