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Autumn Fun – Savanna 10/30 – 11/2

The Savanna class has finally bids goodbye to October, but before they leave it to the past, they made lots of good and unforgettable memories.

This week, together with their big brothers and sisters in Rainforest, they headed to the park and collected autumn natural materials to use for their Autumn Wreath. It was nice to hang out with their friends while enjoying the beauty of nature.


For Phonics, the whole class reviewed the words under the short /i/ family. Each student received one card and they were tasked to look for their family by reading the word and the words in their friends’ card. They moved around while practicing reading and honing their social and communication skills.


Their inquiry about Japanese Cultural Events is still ongoing, and it getting more interesting and exciting. This week, we were graced by one of our student’s parents and played Koto, a musical instrument that is always played in Japanese New Year. Our little inquirers had so much fun playing the musical instrument and had a satisfying inquiry about the Japanese New Year.


Also, the whole class practiced their Arts and Crafts skills by making ehomaki, a Japanese food that is served in the Setsubun Festival and it is believed that when you eat it your wish might come true and shew the demons away.

「節分」の探究では、怖い鬼が実は自分たちの心の中にいることがわかりました。泣き虫鬼、おこりんぼう鬼、甘えん坊鬼など、自分たちの中の鬼を豆をまいて外に追い出し、Good luck(幸せ)を家の中に呼び寄せる行事です。恵方巻を食べるときのルールもよく理解し、みんなで恵方巻の工作をしました。

We wish everybody a joyful long weekend!