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Google Earth! Savanna 11/6 – 11/10

“We don’t have our passports, but we want to go!” were the phrases uttered by our inquirer before they embarked on their trip around the world.


As a provocation to the Line of Inquiry 2 (Celebrations Around The World), the whole class traveled around the world through GOOGLE EARTH and visited different countries. We saw different buildings, landmarks, languages, and the beautiful nature of each country. After the visit, we then asked the question: Do you know any celebrations that originated from these countries? Which countries would you like to inquire about?

UOI2に進むにあたり、クラス全員でGOOGLE EARTHを通じて世界中を旅してみました。様々な建物、ランドマーク、言語、そして各国の美しい自然を見て、「ここ知ってる!」「きれいだね!」「行ったことある!」といろんな意見が聞こえてきます。そしてGOOGLE EARTHでの旅行後、次のような質問をしました: これらの国に由来するお祝いを知っている?どの国について探究してみたい?

This week, we have started inquiring about a celebration that is very famous in the land of the free, USA! This holiday is very famous among Americans, it is as big as the Christmas Celebration. The discussion went well, all students were very engaged: Two pictures were presented to the inquirers, and everyone observed the pictures closely to define what is “Thanksgiving” Our keen inquirers were very quick to say: It’s about family, this celebration happens in fall because the leaves are yellow in the picture, it’s a party, all-you-can-eat style, people are wearing party dresses, and more.

まず初めに、”自由の国”アメリカでとても有名な祝祭日について聞いてみました!この祝日はアメリカの人達の間ではとても有名で、クリスマスと同じくらい盛大なものです。ディスカッションは順調に進み、どの子も良く考え意見を発表しています。次に2枚の写真を見て、”Thanksgiving” とは何かをみんなで話し合いました。 家族についての行事であること、写真に写っている木の葉が黄色いので秋に行われる行事であること、パーティーであること、食べ放題のスタイルであること、パーティードレスを着ていること、など、よく観察し様々な定義を見つけました。

After the inquiry and gathering of facts about the holiday through songs, videos, and pictures, the whole class sat down and gave their best in making a Thank you card: Our inquirers reflected on the things they are thankful for. It was nice that at their very young age, they could sit down and think of the good things they were experiencing and appreciate who are these things from.

歌やビデオ、写真を通してThanksgiving dayについて調べた後は、みんなでThank you cardを作りました。みんなにとって一番身近である家族を思い浮かべ、どんな事に感謝しているか考えながら一生懸命作りました。幼いながらに、自分たちが体験している良い事、嬉しい事を思い返し、それが誰のおかげかと考え感謝できたのは素晴らしい事ですね。

We can’t wait to inquire about different celebrations around the world and experience them through craft, food, song, and dance!


See you in the next blog!