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Savanna: Family Tree and Planting Season – May 20-24

We had a fruitful week inquiring about our families in Savanna. We found out what was the same and different about our families. I have 3 children in my family. Me too! I have no brother, no sister. Me too! I have a little brother, 4 years old. I have a little brother too. He is a baby only 1 year old!

Each student was asked what their families like to do. My family likes to… “go Aeon mall, (have) lunch and ice cream! Go camping. Play in the park. Cook sausages in the kitchen. What great discoveries we had about one another! Our inquiries were visually documented in “My Family Tree” (nuclear family) and a class mind map.


家族と何をして過ごすのが好きか聞くと、買い物に行ってランチとアイスクリームを食べるのが好き。キャンプや公園で遊ぶ事。キッチンでソーセージを焼いたりお料理をするのも好き。と元気いっぱいに声があがり、お互いの家族についてたくさんの発見がありました。「My Family Tree」に家族の絵を描き、マインドマップに何が好きかまとめましたので、ぜひご覧ください。

One of the IB Learner Profile for this unit is being Open-minded. We listen to one another’s ideas and respect the many differences we see – just like in our families. In some of our families, we have no brother or sister, just ME. Some families are from Japan, and some from other countries like England and Singapore. Each student is in the midst of compiling a mini book “We Are Family”.

It is planting season! Savanna has decided to plant white radish – a 20-day daikon variety and mini carrots – 70 days. Our preference for underground tubers stemmed from our weekly walks passed a few farms. There were spring onions and potatoes in those farms. We wanted to grow “something in the ground we cannot see” then pull and dig them out!!!


In class, we pretended to be little tiny carrot seeds and radish seeds. With water, soil and the sun, we ‘grew’ as we counted the number of days! Everyone took turns planting the seeds in the schoolyard. Savanna is excited about the upcoming field trip to Alps Park. The plan is to visit the Observatory and go all the way up the the fifth floor for a bird’s eye view of Matsumoto! More updates about our Bus Trip next week. Till then, have great weekend!