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Learning is fun (Lagoon- October 12th- 15th)

Hello everyone,

This week we can hear the children’s loud voices singing the alphabets and raising their hands during our morning circle. We learned alphabets F, G, H. Kids love coming in front of the class and picked the flashcard which the teacher was asking. We learned about colors too. We used the fruits flashcards and distinguished what color it is. They love fruits and it’s easy for them to remember their names and their colors.



Wednesday’s gym

The weather is getting cold each day. We’re glad when Wednesday comes. It’s our gym day! We have the chance to do the stretching and this week, we enjoyed rolling on the mat. It made us get warm. Phew! We sweat a lot!


We enjoyed our music class

We remember little by little the songs we sing on our music class. We clapped our hands and sang with the rhythm. Music is fun!


Thank you for reading our blog.

Have a wonderful weekend.