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Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7: Good luck and hard work 🍀

Hello, everyone. It’s been a very eventful two weeks in Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 class.


The students organized their very own Halloween party. They thought of all the activities they wanted to do, prepared the decorations for their classroom and thought of their costumes. Everyone had a lot of fun doing a big hide and seek around the school, making non-bake sweets and participating in a quiz with Halloween-themed questions. 🎃


The students have also been trying hard in their Units of Inquiry. Grade 5, 6 and 7 students have finished planning their Units and are now in the research phase of preparing their PYP Exhibition. This involves collecting all relevant information from different sources, categorizing and interpreting them. Some students have done 1-on-1 interviews with experts in their areas of research, while some prepared questionnaires for fellow elementary students. Students have drawn conclusions from their answers and are preparing different visual expressions of the information they got. 💡

探究の時間もみんな頑張って取り組んでいました。現在学んでいるユニットの計画を終えてから、PYP エキシビションの準備として必要な情報を調べています。子ども達は様々な情報源から関連する情報を集めて、それらを分類わけして纏めました。調べた内容の専門家に1対1のインタビューをした子もいれば、アンケート用紙を作成して小学部のみんなに配布した子もいます。そして、アンケート用紙の結果から結論を導き出して、自分達で得た情報を様々な方法で視覚的に表す作業に取り組んでいます。

Grade 4 students have been inquiring into art and the way people use it to express their culture. This week, the students have visited Matsumoto City Art Museum, where they have enjoyed the art by Tamura Kazuo, an artist who painted Shinshu landscapes, and Kamijo Shinzan, a calligraphy artist who has strongly fought for the right to teach calligraphy in post-war Japan. The students thought about how these artist expressed their culture and tried to find depictions of culture in art all around them – in their homes, in their school, on the way they walk or drive daily. 🎨

4年生は人々がどのようにアートで文化を表現しているかについて探究するために、松本市美術館に行きました。信州の風景画を描いた田村一男さんや、 毛筆書道を学校教育で復活させる必要性を訴え続けた書道家上條信山の作品を見ました。生徒たちは彼らの作品が日本文化をどのように表現しているかを考えました。それから、家や学校、散歩、車に乗っている時など、日常で発見できる文化を描写している芸術を探しました。

The Christmas show performance the students are preparing is progressing very nicely as well. There is lots of work to be done, but the students seem to be motivated to show their avid skills to everyone and are working hard to practice their complicated dance routines, their best singing voices and their difficult lines. Let’s wish them the best of luck. 🌟
Have a nice weekend!