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G3 Self-portraits with empathy


This week we have been gathering images to form a digital pallet. From these digital pallets we will be creating mixed-media self portraits. Grade 3 had some laughs looking at work from the Dadaist art movement of the early 20th Century. This helped form the basis for both their inspiration and awareness of past forms. We also took portraits of everyone which will be mixed with their image pallets next week.

今週は画像を集めてデジタルパレットを作りました。これらのデジタルパレットから、様々な画材を用いて描いた絵の自画像を作成します。 3年生は、20世紀初頭のダダイスト芸術運動の作品を見て、笑いました。これらの作品を見て、昔の芸術形式に対するインスピレーションと認識の両方の基礎を養うことができました。また、来週イメージパレットに混ぜるみんなのポートレートを撮りました。

Matsumoto Art Museum 


On Thursday morning, we headed over to the museum and enjoyed learning about artists that lived or were born in Matsumoto. Judging by responses from their feedback sheets, students seemed to be most inspired by both Tamura Kazuo and Yayoi Kusama. Tamura’s warm and earthy colors seemed to lift the morning chill from everyone, while Yayoi’s otherworldly carried us all to different dimensions. An inspiring morning to feed our imaginations. Thank you to all at the Matsumoto Art Museum for their attentiveness and great English speaking ability.

木曜日の午前中は松本市美術館に見学に行きました。松本市出身の芸術家について学びました。みんなのフィードバックシートの回答を見ると、田村一男と草間やよいの芸術に最も感動したようです。田村一男さんの絵画のあたたかく自然な色使いは朝の寒さからみんなを救ってくれました。草間やよいさんの別世界は私達を異次元に連れて行ってくれました。 みんなの想像力を養うための刺激的な朝となり、とてもよい見学になりました。 松本市美術館の皆様、親切に対応していただきありがとうございました。

Feelings and Emotions

We spent Thursday afternoon considering firstly, the wide range of different emotions that we can all experience, from fear to joy, to rage and caring. We then empathized with how people must feel who are not us, for example, what are the challenges facing disabled people, whether treating someone differently because of their skin color is ever fair and, if bullying is ever acceptable. Grade 3 spent some time considering their answers and in the end all were well thought and considerate.


Thank you Grade 3 for sharing your answers today. みんなの考えを共有してくれてありがとう。

Have a nice week everyone! 良い週末をお過ごしください!