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Grade 5, 6 and 7: Breaking norms

Hello, everyone. We hope you are safe and minding your health in these hard times. Let’s stay optimistic and persevere together! ⛅

Grade 5, 6 and 7 students are continuing their online lessons and their inquiry into the topic of social groups. After sharing their own experiences with social groups by presenting the characteristics of groups they belong to, this week they practiced their research and essay writing skills by being tasked with discussing the motivation and behaviors of groups they don’t belong to and that might be foreign to them. 💭

They also discussed social norms and what type of behavior was and was not acceptable in our society. The students were tasked with organizing a social experiment in their homes which consisted of them breaking a social norm or acting in a way that is different from usual and noting down their families’ reactions. The ideas varied, from eating with the chopsticks facing the opposite way to reading in the bathtub, but they led to an interesting discussion. The students mostly agreed that social norms are important and that breaking them could cause the individual to feel bad because of being left out, but also that some social norms are not good and should be challenged, such as rules that exist with no apparent reason. 🛀

In Health lesson, the students discussed the recipes they created and their health benefits, in History they tried to create a craft model of The Great Wall of China, in English Literature they learned about the tone and register of writing, while in Science they made and tested their own sun dials. 🍳

Thank you for supporting the school and teachers even at this difficult time. Have a nice weekend! 🌼