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Overcoming Separation Anxiety-Meadow-April 20-24

Hello Everyone!

In this week, our toddlers have been getting used to their school life. They have somehow overcome their separation anxiety to some degree. They begin to understand that a parent may be out of sight right now but will return later. Our dear little ones have started playing with friends and have been enjoying our activities, both inside like reading, free play, morning and afternoon circle time and outside the class like sandpit and park play time.

皆さん こんにちは!


One of our indoor activities this week was newspaper tearing activity. It was not only fun, but the act of tearing encourages useful fingers and co-ordination skills for our toddlers. It was a great activity to help develop the small muscle in the hands. We then threw the pieces of newspaper up in the air which made our activity even more exciting! We have seen different reactions from our little ones smiling, giggling, laughing, and jumping.


We also had our Music lesson which our toddlers did have fun. We have been singing the Ai-ai Monkey song, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, and Seven steps.

また子供達が大好きなMusic Lessonがありました。おさるさんの歌、「アイアイ」や「あたま かた ひざ ぽん」そして数字を数える歌「セブンステップス」を歌っています。

We had another craft this week. We made a Rainbow hand print as part of our theme for this month which is about COLOR. We did this while singing the Rainbow song as they repeat the color name after me. Our toddlers loved the way the brush felt as it ran across their fingers as I painted their hands.


Two of our little ones have celebrated their birthday this month. And because their birthday is very important to us, we threw a birthday party for them. We sang aloud the birthday song and teachers handed a birthday card for our celebrants. It was our first merry birthday party ever.



Have a safe weekend everyone.