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Learning and Fun – school life still goes on: Aurora's wk of March 2-6

Another week of learning and fun for Aurora amidst a trying time of the corona virus outbreak. We read a book “Germs Are Not For Sharing” to remind us about good hygiene so we won’t get sick. We even sang… Go away, corona virus go away, GO AWAY! Proper hand washing steps were fabulously demonstrated in class too. Thank you!

コロナウイルス感染拡大の中、今週もたくさんの事を学びました。「Germs are not for sharing(ばい菌はみんなで分け合うものではない)」という本を読み、病気にならないためには、どんな事をしなくてはならないのかを話し合いました。「コロナウイルスなんてあっち行け!」という歌も歌いました!クラスでは、手をしっかりと洗う方法を、お友達がみんなの前で披露してくれました。

We have been collecting shoeboxes from home. This is in preparation for our shoebox diorama of a habitat of our choice. We have started colouring and cutting out the animals. From the previous farm visit, Aurora made a class book. We coloured and cut out farm animals too. Then we tried reading the book together – pointing to the words in the sentences as we read along.


We practised our numbers and writing with fun wipe-out cards and colourful counters. The class were very focussed and on-task. Good job!

書いたら消せるカードや色とりどりのおはじきを使って、数を数えたり、数字を書く練習をしました。みんな集中して自分のやるべきことが出来ました。 Good job!

To stay healthy, fresh air outdoors is vital and play we did! Till next Monday, stay healthy.