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Winter program 2019

ISN Elementary students have completed their fourth Unit of Inquiry of the year this past week and have all joined the annual Winter program, which also traditionally welcomed several students from other Elementary schools. 😊

先週、ISN小学部の皆はユニット4の探究の学びを終えました。そして、今週は毎年恒例のウィンタープログラムが行われました。 ISN以外の小学生も参加しました。

The topic of this year’s Winter program were the Olympic games, inspired by the next Olympic games taking place in Tokyo. The students in all classes learned about the history of the Olympics and discussed about the meaning and good effects they can have for connecting people across the globe. 🎿

来年東京でオリンピックが開催されるため、 今回のプログラムのテーマはオリンピックになりました。オリンピックの歴史について学び、どのように世界中の人々を繋げるのかとその影響について話し合いをしました。

The students practiced their English, communication and teamwork skills through a variety of related assignments, including quizzes, designing their own Olympic mascot and making Olympic stadiums out of craft materials. Every bit of hard work came together on Friday afternoon’s exhibition, where the students could show their work to other students and all their teachers. ✍🏻


Even though the weather was cold, we weren’t short of outside fun either, with several interesting trips to the park and a chance to exercise in an area a bit bigger than the school’s environments. 🌳


ISN will be closed next week and all usual lessons will resume on January 6. Have a lovely holiday and happy New Year from all ISN Elementary students, teachers and school staff. ⭐