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'Tis the Season! Aurora's Week of December 9-13

It will be Showtime on Friday! The anticipation is revving up. Props and costumes are all ready. We had one last rehearsal at the theatre. We ran our lines and dance routines in class too. (Please see photo updates of Christmas Show below, end of blog.)


For our IB theme on “How we express ourselves”, we explored drawing with chalks. Dry chalks were used in the schoolyard. Then we had wet chalks on paper too. Regular chalks were soaked in sugared solution. This way the wet chalk powder will adhere better to the paper surface. We drew snowman and snowflakes!


Aurora worked on recognition of lowercase letters q, r, s. We reviewed other letters by matching them with their uppercase letters.

小文字 q, r, sの認識をしました。いままで学習した他の小文字も、大文字と組み合わせるゲームをして復習しました。

Coming soon… more photos from our Christmas Show. It will be a fantastic show! 😍

P.S. We had a FABULOUS Christmas Show!! A round of applause for Aurora. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 A short video of Aurora saying GOOD JOB!!

素晴らしいクリスマスショーでしたね!オーロラさん達に大拍手です 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 。

Aurora, after our Xmas Show saying “Good Job”!