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"We are Artists!" Aurora's Week of December 2-6

We emote. We not only dramatize, sing and dance, we draw and paint too! We express ourselves in many different ways. In Aurora, we are called Artists, and we create masterpieces! So begins our next line of inquiry for the month of December – Make Art, Create.


The class was introduced the various art forms displayed in our classroom. There were fabric art, paintings and even photography. The art subjects ranged from Mt. Fuji, Matsumoto castle, Girl and Grapes (Chihiro Iwasaki), Sad Lady (Yumeji Takehisa) to Chagall’s Flying Mermaid. A photograph taken in Gunma, Japan showed a snow covered railway tracks. That captivated the students. When it was their turn to draw, a number of them drew trains and tracks too!


Numbers are everywhere and relevant in our daily lives. In our classroom, the calendar keeps track of the dates and helps us with our counting too! Each student has a turn slotting in the correct dates for the whole month of December.


We made letters Nn, Oo, Pp with pipe cleaners. We had a puppet story of the Three Little Pigs too. For outdoor play, Aurora experimented with chalks on a wet schoolyard! Till next Monday, have a good weekend.

カラフルなモールを使って、 Nn、Oo、Pp の文字を形作りました。パペットを使って、3匹の子ブタのお話も聞きました。外遊びでは、雨が降った後の濡れた地面にチョークで絵を描く実験をしました。今週も楽しいことがたくさんの週になりました。