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Authors and actors! Shooting Star (Nov. 25 – 29)

The Shooting Star class has been showing so much creativity in class. Some are writing books on their own, some are making up stories, and some are showing a lot of expression during our play practices.

“How We Express Ourselves”のユニットも後半に入り、Shooting Starの子どもたちは日々様々なクリエイティブな姿を見せてくれます。お話を作ったり、本を作ったり、劇の練習中には自分なりのジェスチャーを考えたり!

One of the activities we did was to map out a story each student is going to make. They focused on the five w’s when coming up with their stories. They wrote some of the details on the paper and we wrote some as well. The difference this time was that the students also came up with a title for their story. Once they were finished they shared the story with the class.

UOIの時間は、3つ目のLine of Inquiry “Ways of presenting a story”に入りました。お話を作ってみよう!ということで、お話のもと作りに5Wsのマインドマップを活用しました。誰が何をどこでいつ、なぜしたのか?初めは「お話なんて自分で作れるかな~」と不安そうだった子どもたちですが、自分の好きな動物やキャラクターなどを描き始めてみると、たくさんのストーリーを思いついてどんどんと描き進めていました!来週は、今週作ったお話をどのような形でお友達に伝えていくかを考え、取り組んでいきます。

The Christmas show is not far away and the students have been practicing very hard. Wednesday was our first practice in full costume. They were all so excited to wear them. We had our photo shoot that day and once we finished we had the students practice the play. We had fun!


We hope you all have a fun and wonderful weekend!

子どもたちは、外遊びの時に周りの山々に雪が降っているのを見てとっても興奮していました!”I want to play snow ball fight!” “I want to make a snowman!”などと、早く雪遊びがしたいShooting Starさん!よい週末をお過ごしください。