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Grade 4, 5 and 6: Dancing queens and kings

There is two weeks left until the annual ISN Performance Day, work is continuing all around and Grade 4, 5 and 6 students are trying their hardest. After several weeks focused on writing their play, then a few on singing the songs they wrote and improving their acting through practicing their movements and facial expressions, this week was all about dance! As is case with any musical performance, acting, singing and props will be combined with dance choreographies that should attract the audience even further. The students have been trying their best to decide on which professional choreography to use, how to adapt them to suit their needs and practice them to show off their skills in the best possible way. Stay excited for the play and stay warm the following weekend! The mountains around the school have received their snow caps! 🏔️🥶🏂

毎年恒例のパフォーマンスデイまで残り2週間となりました。校舎内のいたるところにみんなで作った小道具などの作品がおいてあります。クラスのみんなはベストを尽くして頑張っています。劇の台本を書くことに数週間集中した後は、自分達で書いた歌を歌ったり、顔の表情や動きの練習を通して演技を改善しています。今週はダンスの練習一色でした。音楽パフォーマンスと同様に、演技、歌、小道具と一緒にダンスの振り付けも組み合わさり、観客をより一層魅了できると思います。どのプロの振り付けを使うか決めたり、どのようにニーズに合わせたり、そして最も良い方法で自分達のスキルを見せれることができるよう練習することを頑張っていました。どうぞ当日の劇をお楽しみに!暖かくしてお過ごしください。学校周辺の山々にも雪が降り、とても綺麗です。 🏔️