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Aurora's Alphabet Hunt November 18-22

“I spy with my little eye… small letter j!” The class has been playing “I spy” with our homemade spy glass (wired pipe cleaners). They search for the letter around the classroom environment. Posters, Alphabet frieze, children’s names are resources for learning too.


We used “magnet magic” to help us recognize our lowercase letters. This week we worked on Hh, Ii, and Jj. We watched short video clips about igloo and jellyfish.

教室にあるマグネットを使って、小文字を認識する練習をしました。今週は Hh, Ii, Jjの文字に焦点をおきました。 igloo(氷の住居)jellyfish(くらげ)がどんなものかを知るために、短いビデオを見ました。

We went to Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre. It was our very first stage rehearsal for the upcoming Christmas Show. Aurora had a feel of the stage, the audience and how loud or soft their voices could carry. They were focussed and it was a fruitful first rehearsal. Gingerbread man, foxes, ducks, pigs, Mummies, Daddies, and cats… well done! 👍🏻😍 We had a good practice for our music piece too. Our musicians had to listen to the piano closely. They could play the castanets and bells to the beats and rhythm.


Aurora had some outdoor fun in the schoolyard and the park too. Till next Monday, have a wonderful weekend!