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Grade 4, 5 and 6: Movie stars

Hello, everyone! How did your week go? At ISN, everything screams “Christmas”. The entire school is humming Christmas tunes, admiring the freshly decorated Christmas tree, practicing lines of the Christmas show performances and discussing the presents they would like to receive from Santa. Things are no different at Grade 4, 5 and 6, as the students have spent the majority of their week preparing for the big event. 🎅🏻


In the mornings, they have meticulously practiced the lines and song lyrics of their performance and thereby perfecting their acting and singing skills. In the afternoon, they focused on painting, decorating and writing as an art form by creating imaginative props and coming up with interesting ways to promote the show to the audience. There are 3 weeks left so please support the students during this last stretch of hard work. 📣


On Thursday, the students organized a photo shoot in order to take interesting and engaging photos for the Christmas show pamphlet. Although it was a bit chilly in their costumes, the students braved through the weather conditions and enjoyed portraying excitement and fear on their faces and their poses. One of the students exclaimed “we look like movie stars taking photos for a TV drama.” 📸


Continuing with the exploration of art, the students had a discussion on how different cultures around the world express themselves and how can they use art to do so, as well as created posters representing a singular form of art they notices in their surroundings and connecting it with things they already know about expressing through art and depictions of culture in art. Some students decided to take about buildings in their environment, some about everyday utensils they own and some explored the history of toys. 🧸


A visitor came to the school on Thursday as well. Keiko Matsuzawa, an artist local to Matsumoto, talked about her own journey to becoming an artist and performed a short workshop, showing students ways of depicting fallen leaves. She showed them that all art starts in the eye of the artist and that one of the most important things is to observe closely. This weekend will be pretty cold, so stay safe and warm! ❄️