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Playdough Fun: Aurora November 4-8

We made our very own playdough. We shaped them into mouths. When we are happy we smile! A few students made monster faces too. We were still in Halloween mood! 🎃 


Your gestures, body postures and movements can show how you think and feel. On tiptoe and prancing around shows you’re delighted, happy and in good spirits. While a slouching posture shows tiredness or even boredom. We fixed up a body puzzle 🧩and named him Alex!  Alex will in the coming week’s demonstrate different body movements and feelings.


In gym class, under our trained Rhythmic Instructor’s close supervision, Aurora and Canyon tried front rolls. First, they bend over and firmly place their palms on the mat. Their heads hanging down, eyes looking at belly buttons and roll over! A proper front roll is never done landing or rolling over on the top of your heads. That will be dangerous as the neck is strained and injuries occur. The students listened closely and there were many good front rolls that morning! 👍🏻


We will be going to the park for outdoor play. More photo updates coming soon. Till next Monday, have a great weekend!