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Grades 4, 5 and 6: Everyone calling you

Hello, everyone! We hope you had a lovely week!

At Grades 4, 5 and 6, the excitement over last week’s bus trip to Omachi and the annual Halloween Party continued into this week as well, with another big event: this Unit’s half-day excursion. Since the student are using this Unit to explore the meaning of the words “culture” and “tradition” and the ways they can be expressed through art, they have learned about the work of two artists local to Matsumoto: Kamijo Shinzan and Tamura Kazuo and have visited the Matsumoto City Museum of Art to learn more about their lives and reflect on some of their works. Kamijo Shinzan was a pioneer of teaching calligraphy in post-World War 2 Japan and Tamura Kazuo expressed his longing for the mountains of western Nagano with his use of color and shading. The students have written a report on the two artists and, thanks to the generosity and professional guidance by the museum staff, the students were also able to visit a temporary exhibition on the changes in traditional wall screen painting. 🎨

皆さん、こんにちは!今週も素敵な一週間をお過ごしのことと思います。4年生から6年生のみんなは、先週のバストリップやハロウィンパーティーの興奮も冷めやらず、半日の社会見学に行ってきました。今回学んでいるユニット「文化や伝統の言葉の意味や芸術を通じて表現する方法」を探究するため、 松本市美術館で開かれている現松本市出身の上條信山と田村一男の展示会を鑑賞しました。そこでは、彼らの作品と人生についてより深く知ることが出来ました。上條信山は第二次世界大戦後に書道教育の拡大に尽力された方です。 また、田村一男は色と陰を使って信州の山々の風景画を描かれました。この二人の芸術家についての感想を書きました。芸術館の館員の皆さま案内をしてくださりありがとうございました。

The students are working very hard on practicing their Christmas performance “Monster Island”. This week, they have finished writing the play’s script and spent Thursday and Friday practicing their lines, movements and songs. Some students are putting in extra work to practice during their own free time at home, which seems to inspire others as well. Please support them on their journey to and back from “Monster Island”. 👹


This week’s Math lesson was dedicated to revising and learning new vocabulary related to 3D shapes, practicing drawing and modeling shapes such as cubes, prisms and spheres. In Science, the students discussed possible impact that human activity can have on animal food chains and life cycles and in Health, they learned about the endocrine system, consisted of various glands making different hormones. We decided to dedicate this week’s art lesson to an art competition organized by the Matsumoto City Hall. The students’ job was to become patissiers for a lesson and design and present their own original sweet idea. What a fun challenge! 👨🏻‍🍳


Hope you all have a sweet weekend! 🧁 皆さん、良い週末をお過ごしください。