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Aurora's Crazy Halloween October 28- November 1

The highlight of this week was definitely our ISN Halloween Party!! 🎈🎃👻🧙‍♀️ What wonderful costumes, Aurora!! We had fun dressing up and playing at the game booths. Here is a recap of some of the fantastic moments!


Each student was assessed individually on how well they know their alphabet – letter names and sounds. The class also played an alphabet game.


Aurora was reminded about healthy eating habits and the important food groups. During mealtimes, we ought to eat a little of each – rice/noodles, vegetables, meat/fish. These form a healthy triangle 🔺of good eating habit.


This week was a review on “words” in the IB theme “how we express ourselves”. We show that we are caring when we use our magic words – please, thank you, excuse me. Each student recalled how we showed kindness “are you ok?”, or “let’s play together”. We shared books and helped one another dig out sweet potatoes. Each then took home a “cup” of well-earned glitter butterflies. Keep it up and continue to be kind and gracious. It is Culture Day on Monday. Have a great long weekend!