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A Vibrant Halloween! (Milky Way)

We had a vibrant week in the Milky Way class, as we started our exploration of colors in UOI and celebrated the Halloween with fun games!

As part of our inquiry about arts this week, we have started exploring colors and their role in art. We had a little experiment in the classroom, where the students had the opportunity to mix colors, in order to make new ones. Then, we read a story about the life of a little chameleon and how It changes colors based on its environment. The students then used the colors that they made in our color experiment to paint the picture of a chameleon. All their chameleons turned out beautiful and vibrant.

For our second activity in UOI, the students made their own mosaic arts using colored papers. This activity tested their fine-motor skills, as well as their perseverance to finish the task. It took a lot of time for the kids to finish their art projects, but they were all so happy with the result of their work.

Last Wednesday, the Milky Way and Rainforest class welcomed Mr. Charlie, our resource speaker this unit. He talked about the different ways of expressing oneself and how arts portray meanings. It was a very interesting presentation and the kids had so much fun looking at different forms of arts.

Finally, what a better way to end the month of October but to celebrate it with a Halloween party! It was a day filled with creative costumes and fun games. Everyone surely had a blast!

Thank you for all the Milky Way parents who celebrated with us during the Halloween party! Enjoy the long weekend!