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Grades 4, 5 and 6: Everything's better with company 

Hello, everyone!
This week started in a wonderful way, with the class welcoming three visitors: Ms. Brigitte who taught the class last year visited on Monday, Ms. Isabelle, a student getting her teaching qualification from Melbourne University joined for the duration of this week, and, finally, our old friend Chihiro rejoined our classroom after spending time abroad in China. Everyone was welcomed happily. 🥳
The class has also finished their Unit of Inquiry on the topic of Government by organizing and participating in the first ISN student representative election. They prepared their own programs, posters and speeches and on Tuesday, all of Elementary voted. Our very own Ryan was chosen as a student representative. There is a challenging, but also a fun job ahead of him. Congratulations! 🏆
We have already started introducing the next Unit of inquiry with the topic of Culture, as we have used the lovely Wednesday morning to take a trip to the nearby shrine to paint different symbols of our culture that we could recognize. The students are also working very hard on finishing writing the songs and lines for their Christmas play “Monster island” and preparing props, decorations and thinking of their costumes for the upcoming Halloween party.
In our afternoon lessons, the students inquired more into the topics of Egypt’s writing systems in History, mixed number and improper fractions in Math, different jobs and responsibilities related to them in Economics and Society, muscles of our body in Health and Georges Seurat and the art style of pointilism in Art. Thursday also brought the monthly cooking lesson with Ms. Keiko. Everyone was excited to make some savory bread this time and it tasted wonderful! 🧀
Have a nice weekend and stay safe! 🌧️
ISNで初となる生徒代表選挙を行い、今回学んでいる政治のテーマの探究の単元を終えました。 自分達で選挙のプログラム、ポスター、スピーチを考えて準備をして、火曜日に小学部全員の前でスピーチを行いました。そして、ライアンが生徒の代表に選ばれました。彼には、とてもやりがいある楽しい仕事が待っていますね。おめでとう! 🏆
午後の授業では、歴史の時間はエジプトの書記体系のトピック、算数では混合数と仮分数、経済と社会の時間は様々な仕事とそれらに関する責任について、ヘルスの時間は身体の筋肉について、美術の時間は、ジョルジュ・スーラと点描画法を学んで、探究しました。木曜日は、毎月恒例けいこ先生のクッキングレッスンも行われました。今回はとてもよい匂いのするパンを焼きました。とても美味しかったです! 🧀