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Grade 1: “Science Fair” 1年生 サイエンスフェア


In this week, we have our first Science Fair ever. The first graders were very busy at preparing all the things needed like the booth, books, decorations and gathering all the materials for the experiment. We were all excited for the parents as well as the Preschool and Elementary classes coming in. The first grader Scientists were very confident in showing off their knowledge of the experiment. It was fun and we were overwhelmed hearing the wonderful and positive comments from parents and teachers. Thank you for coming and discovering how the world works with us.



The firefighters from Nagisa Fire Station came to ISN to instruct us how to stay safe whenever there is a fire. The teachers were challenged to put out a fire and the students cheered us up with clapping. Luckily, the curious first graders  were happy  having given  the chance to see the fire truck before the firefighters left.


We’re glad to welcome Genevieve, an intern teacher  from Melbourne who is always ready to extend her helping hand. Thank you for reading interesting stories and sharing your knowledge to us.


We had our cooking lesson with Grade 2 and 3. Here we developed our social and communication skills. We worked together and we tried to develop our curiosity by asking questions to the cooking class teacher. グレード2,3年生とクッキングレッスンもありました。そこでは、ソーシャルスキルやコミュニケーションスキルを学ぶことができました。一緒に協力をして作り、クッキングの先生に沢山質問をして好奇心旺盛な皆でした。

We also had our P.E lesson in the Gym. Here we have strived being risk takers by doing new gym activities and we showed cooperation with each other and we respect the P.E teacher by listening to instructions. It was engaging!


Have a great long weekend first grader families. Keep safe from the coming typhoon. 台風の接近には気をつけて、ご家族の皆さんで良い週末をお過ごしください。