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Grade 4 and 5: Let's enjoy the ride!

Grades 4 and 5 are steadily continuing their exploration of government systems and their functions. On Wednesday, the class hosted two visitors from the local level government: a mayoral candidate and a district governor of Matsumoto. The students were able to get an insight into the workings of the local government and the relationship between the government and its people from professionals who work in the field. Everyone expressed their enthusiasm about the visit and said they appreciated the visitors speaking to them in simple language and sharing new information. After the visit, we continued our discussion into the topic of rights and responsibilities, focusing on children’s rights. The students illustrated a chosen right of child. 🐯
We’ve had a nice surprise this week as well, as our old friends Chihiro and Tsukasa rejoined the ISN elementary school team! They are only visiting from China for a week, but the students were quick to give them the warmest welcomes. 🌈
In Art lesson, we explored pottery as the first form of sculpture. In Health, we began discussing and doing experiments on the topic of the nervous system. In History and Science, we continued inquiring into Ancient Egypt and the taxonomy of all living things, respectively. The Christmas show is progressing steadily as well – the students are showing their excitement by choosing the songs that will be used and the props that will need to be designed. The biggest step is still in front of us: writing the script. Let’s all enjoy the ride together! Have a lovely weekend! ☘️
4・5年生は着実に政治制度とその機能について探究しています! 水曜日は、地方の政治についてのお話をしていただくために、お客様を2名お迎えしました。一人は松本市長立候補者、もう一名は松本市議会議員の方です。生徒たちは地方政治の仕組みと、地方政治と地方政治の現場で働く専門家の人々の関係についてさらに詳しく理解することができました。みんなとても熱心にお二人のお話を聞いていました。そして、子どもたちはお二人がわかりやすい言葉で話し、情報を教えてくれたことに感謝していました。説明を受けた後、子どもの権利に焦点を置き、権利と責任のトピックについて話し合いをしました。そして、生徒たちは子どもの権利のイラストを描きました。