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Summer Program: 1st Grade

Art, sports and music are few fun things we did! It was our last week of summer vacation so we got to decide what we wanted to do!
On Monday, we made mosaic pictures by ripping recycled paper. We learned about the history of mosaic art too!

On Tuesday, we made ourselves into super heroes by tracing our bodies on the blacktop and decorating them with jumbo chalk. Then we tested our knowledge about foreign countries, math and ISN while playing a trivia game called the Typhoon Game.

On Wednesday morning, we painted outside on the grounds using watercolors. Students’ paintings of Matsumoto’s landscapes were very colorful and creative! In the afternoon, we learned how to play some popular American card games such as Go Fish, Crazy Eights, War and Old Maid. Ms. Ellen brought them from America to play with us!

On Thursday, we played dodgeball and made beautiful art out of clay. Sports like dodgeball teach us about teamwork and sportsmanship.

Every day we played a warm up game, read silently and wrote in our summer journals. Ms. Ellen was very impressed with our handwriting during our writing tasks.

We continued with Japanese class this week and started cleaning again. First graders are very enthusiastic and conscientious cleaners!

We assembled this new puzzle during our free play time. 

We volunteered to be school lunch helpers! We care about our class and community! 
Tomorrow we are planning to watch a movie and sing karaoke. Ms. Ellen really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with first graders throughout the summer. Good luck with the next semester and please continue to do your best at International School of Nagano!
水曜日の朝は、校庭で水彩画を描きました。とてもカラフルで創造力に富んだ松本市の風景の絵を描いていました。午後には、エレン先生がアメリカから持ってきてくれたGo Fish、Crazy Eights、War、Old Maidなどアメリカで人気のカードゲームの遊び方を学びました。