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Aurora August 26-30

With our imagination, we thought of boats, aeroplanes and rockets. With our fine motor skills, we taped, assembled and reused our trash. With great focus on details, we painted our craft. Finally, we presented our labour of love to the class and exhibited our masterpieces! 😍

Aurora has been using their “spy glasses” to hunt for letters of the alphabet. This week, “we spy with our little eye, the letter S”. The students love this letter hunt as they go round the class.

A few mornings had been a little chilly this week for outdoor pool. Aurora played in the schoolyard instead.

Music class was fun. We galloped like horses, stomped around like elephants and clapped to the rhythm. We hopped like rabbits in and out of hoops too.

We had our monthly ISN party for one of Aurora’s birthday boy! 🥳 Happy 4th birthday. Till next Monday, have a wonderful weekend.