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Grade 4 and 5: Singing in the Rain! 

Hello to all our readers! 😊
The last week of school before the Summer program has been full of big events for Grades 4 and 5! 🤩
Our long Unit evolving around Artificial Intelligence has finished successfully, with the students presenting their original AI ideas to Grades 2 and 3. The ideas were presented in form of a product pitch, where the students had to focus on the words they were using, visual aids to help them show off their AI and traditional presentation skills such as careful intonation, confidence and appropriate manners, along with showing their prototype. The students who represented the audience did their part of job by asking inquisitive questions, sharing their opinions on the ideas and, finally, voting if they think their idea is viable for the market or not. Everyone tried very hard. 🗨️
This week’s English lessons revolved around vocabulary, with the students investigating meaning of new words found in our novel “Wonder” and practicing their creative writing skills by writing a short story using some newly learned words. Math lesson revolved around practicing comparing fractions, this time through a game with pegs and playing cards, in Health we started talking about the human skeletal system and its functions and Science, we talked about Taxonomy through an activity of sorting using dried fruits, sweets and nuts. In Art lesson, we talked about still life and practiced using drawing and shading instead of colouring to make our images “pop into life”, while in History and Geography, we started our 2-months exploration into the world of ancient Egypt, talking about the river Nile and what kind of influence did it have on the Egyptians. 🇪🇬
Tuesday was the last day of school for our classmate Chihiro. She will move to China with her parents and sister. It was a bittersweet day, since everyone will miss her, but have also wished her luck in her new school. In return, Chihiro promised to visit whenever she is in Japan. The students and teachers made a lovely card for her to remember them by. It was, therefore, sad that she couldn’t join us on Thursday’s bus trip, but we still tried to have fun.
Together with Grade 1, Grades 4 and 5 went to Utsukushigahara Highland for a day of hiking, play and creating artworks. The rain was falling on and off throughout the day in the cold Highlands, but the students did not let that discourage them from trying out all the activities, starting from hiking up and down the mossy wild hills, meeting the friendly cows and horses that reside there, exploring the museum’s interactive play area and walking around all the exhibited statues, using pencil and oil crayons to bring their own versions of them to life on a piece of paper. Everyone enjoyed their lunches and the beautifully made lunch boxes as well, and even the rain doesn’t seem that bad when you have a friend to hold your umbrella and sing songs with. ☂️
Along with those, this blog post includes some unseen photos from last week’s Sports Day as well. If you took some photos or videos on that day that you would like to share with the school, please feel free to do us! We always like remembering happy times. Have a lovely weekend! 🧡
みなさん、こんにちは。 😊