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Grade 4 and 5: Crunch time! 踏ん張りどころ!

Hello, dear parents and other readers. The weather wasn’t very kind to us this past week, greeting us with plenty of rainy and cloudy days, but we persevered regardless. ☁️
Continuing with the class’s exploration of Artificial Intelligence, the third Line of Inquiry of this Unit was “Possible benefits and issues of AI”. The students started it off last Friday, by watching the famed science fiction movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”, which, among others, describes a story of AI gone rogue. It was a good basis for discussion on the possible issues with AI and if they outweigh the benefits. This discussion continued into Tuesday, when students talked about whether the many inevitable consequences of using AI are, in their opinion, good or bad. This proved to be a fertile discussion topic, as the students showed they can concentrate and communicate for well over an hour.
On Wednesday, the students used the information they had to write an argumentative essay, outlining both sides of the argument, and on Thursday, they engaged in the first ever Grade 4, 5 and 6 debate. The topic of the debate was “Artificial Intelligence is good for the society” and the students were divided into three teams: the pro team, the opposing team and the judging team, which asked them questions and, in the end, chose the team they thought presented their views better. The winner turned out to be the “against” team, but all the students showed wonderful levels of maturity, great communication skills and avid dedication. There is one more project left to finish this Unit of Inquiry: designing, building the prototype of and presenting their own AI that will serve as a solution to a problem our society may have. 🤖
Next week, another interesting chapter will start in our 4th, 5th and 6th graders school lives: during afternoon hours, they will have more specialized subject lessons. Continuing onto the Math, English, Computer and Language lessons they have started this school year, we will start learning more about Economics and Society, Geography and History, Science, Art and Health, following a foreign-based curriculum. This is an important step in preparing the students for the type of learning they will be required to do in their middle school education and also a good way to asses their knowledge and compare it to other students around the world. Let’s all support them in this journey together! 🏆
As for the past several weeks, this week the students were also busy preparing for their Sports Day performance. With two weeks left, we were truly in “crunch time” (one of the new words from the class’s word wall) to get the dance, the decorations, the props and the tricks ready! The event is shaping up quite nicely and the students are very excited to show their hard work to all of you! Please come see it if you can!
Unfortunately, Friday was the last day in school for our classmate Yuria. The class prepared a lovely card for her and everyone said their goodbyes. She is going to continue going to a public elementary school, but hopefully we can still meet with her occasionally. Good luck and have fun, Yuria!
Have a lovely weekend, everyone. 💚
ブログをご覧の皆様、こんにちは。今週は余り天気が良くありませんでしたが、みんなは天気を気にせず頑張っていました。 ☁️