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A lesson in winning (and loosing) 勝ち負けから学ぶこと

Hello, everyone! ☀️
This week, Grades 4, 5 and 6 completed their first Unit of Inquiry of the year. After weeks of honing their presentation skills and learning about human growth and other related scientific concepts, the students had a task of choosing  topic for their presentation themselves, researching and collecting information on their topic from several different sources. Some students chose to talk about emotions and expressing them through art and some about how people and animals change throughout their lives. Everyone tried very hard and even the students who seemed to have lower self-confidence at the start of the presentations, seemed to become secure as their time went on and delivered an exciting presentation, filled with interesting information (and games and songs!).
Keeping up with the theme of finishing things, it was also time to say goodbye to running practice and sports lessons on the dam near the school. Everything culminated on Friday, when the entire Elementary classes went on a bus trip to a running track located to the west of the city. After a warm-up, everyone practiced marathon running by completing a 1km course. After that, it was time for a sprint race. The best were selected in every class and they competed against each other in the finals! It was a tiring (but a fun!) day for all. 🏅
Last weekend, Touko and Yuuki, as well as severeal Grade 1 students, participated in a dance as part of a shinto festival, the video of which they showed to everyone on Monday. They wore elaborate outfits and performed a beautiful dance. It was a wonderful thing to watch!
From next week, we will start our inquiry into artificial intelligence, computer systems, robots and way all of these can help (or damage) the life of humans. We will also begin preparing the dances and games that the students will present to their parents on the July 12th Sports Day. Please support the students through all of their efforts. 🤖
On next week’s Thursday (June 6th) Grades 4, 5 and 6 will host an Open Day for all the parents and grandparents, in the morning between 10AM and 11:30AM and in the afternoon between 1:30PM and 3:30PM. If you have the time, please come and join us. Have a wonderful weekend! 💛
最初のユニットの終わりとともに、体育の授業での学校近くの橋で毎朝走っているランニングも最後となりました。金曜日は全てがクライマックスを迎えました!小学部のみんなで、バスに乗りスカイパークへ走りに出かけました。準備運動をしてから、1kmを走ってマラソンの練習をしました。その後、短距離競走が行われました。各クラスで一番速い子が選ばれ、決勝戦で競争しました。みんな頑張ったので疲れた様子でしたが、とっても楽しんでいました。  🏅
来週からは、人工知能、コンピュータシステム、ロボット、そして、これらが人間の生活に役だったり、リスクを負ったりするかもしれない可能性を学んでいきます。それから、7月12日のスポーツデイで家族の前で披露するダンスやゲームの準備を始めます。お家の方も応援してくださいね。 🤖