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Drivers, Expats, Nobel prize winners! 運転手、海外駐在員、ノーベル賞受賞者!

Hello, everyone! Another warm and sunny week is behind Grades 4, 5 and 6 and it has been a nice sunny one (for the most part!).
On Monday, the students have used the morning rays of sunshine to indulge in some painting after our regular morning exercise. Since the main topic of the first Line of Inquiry of this Unit has been cells, the students had a task of painting the nature (things made out of cells) surrounding the little shrine near the school. Everyone packed a drawing pad, some paper and brushes and a palette of oil paints. The cherry blossom season is almost over, but the cherry tree near the shrine still sported a beautiful pink cover. Everyone seemed to enjoy this activity and the paintings produced looked really nice. The students have already started to talk excitedly about the places where they want to go and paint next. 🎨
On Tuesday, the students started work on another big project: presenting their own cycle of life. Continuing onto last week’s plant and animal life cycles and before we start delving deeper into the changes that come with growing up, the students have discussed what a human life cycle looks like and how it differs from animals. The basic outlines are the same: both animals and humans are born, they grow up over a period of time, have babies (which completes the cycle of life) and ultimately die, but they have noticed that human life cycle has many more elements than just that, like meeting friends, going to school, falling in love etc. 👪
Everyone had a lot of fun looking at their old photos from preschool and lower grades, which they have used to explain how they have developed up until this point in their lives. For the part of their life cycle that hasn’t happened yet (all those years that they still have in front of them), the students used their imagination and long-term planning skills to draw pictures and explain them in words. Some of them seemed very excited to get their own driver’s license, some have plans of winning the Nobel Prize and some want to move to America.
Thursday brought along a fun activity as well – the class’ first Movie Day. The students have seen the movie “Inside Out” and discussed how its themes of changes in our minds and bodies, complicated emotions and relationships with others reflect the content of their current Unit of Inquiry. In our Computer lessons, we have continued exploring the programming language Logo, the Language lessons have seen the students who decided on learning Spanish have a wonderful lesson with Mr. Jonathan, ISN’s resident Spanish speaker, in Math, we revised all four basic mathematical operations thoroughly and in Grammar, we worked on present tenses that can be used to express future. 🖥️
Have a wonderful Golden Week, everyone! After the holidays, the students will continue to explore further into the topics presented in Line of Inquiry 2 (“Every living thing has a life cycle”) and they will also be present at the parent/teacher meeting. Looking forward to seeing everyone there! 🌷
みなさん、こんにちは! 今週も暖かく天気が良い日が多かったですね。
月曜日の朝、子ども達は日課のエクササイズの後、朝日を浴びながら絵を描くことに夢中になっていました。今学んでいるユニットの探究の単元のトピックは細胞です。学校近くの小さな神社に行き、神社を囲む自然を描きました。油絵の具のパレット、筆、紙、画板を持って出かけました。松本市内の桜は殆ど終わりですが、神社の桜の木はまだきれいなピンク色の花で覆われていました。🌸 誰もが外で絵を描くことに夢中になって楽しんでいました。完成した作品一つ一つに個性があり素晴らしかったです。また今度絵を描きに出かけたい場所などをワクワクしながら話していました!🎨
木曜日も楽しく活動をしました。映画鑑賞の初日です。Inside Outという映画を見て、この映画のテーマであるマインドと体の変化や複雑な感情と他人との関係が、どのように今学んでいる探究の単元を表しているかを話し合いました。コンピュータの授業では、プログラミング言語Logoを引き続き学びました。スペイン語を学ぶことを選んだ生徒は、スペイン語が母国語のジョナサン先生から素晴らしいレッスンを受けました。算数の授業では、 四則演算を復習しました。文法は、未来を表現する現在時制について徹底的に学びました。🖥️