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Shooting Star April 22 – 26

We had a fun week! The students have been having a great time learning about families. We finished our show and tell this week and then began to have  conversations in English comparing the different families we have. We’ve been looking at the number of members we have and also their height. The students made a graph for the amount and then a picture of their families in order of height. It’s been great seeing everyone’s family. Thank you for bringing in the pictures.
今週ISN南松本キャンパス、SSの子どもたちは家族についての探究をとっても楽しみました。Show&Tellが終わり、次に子どもたちは家族の人数と背の高さを比べてみました。グラフを使って人数を数えて、誰が一番多く家族がいるか、少ないか数えました。そして、それぞれサイズの違う人の形に色を塗ってdad, mom, brother, sister, meと背の順に並べました。

One day this week the weather was not very nice so we had to stay inside. It was ok though because we got to introduce activity stations again. It’s a great way to learn and have fun inside.

For Children’s Day in May, the students made Koinobori. It was fun to make them. Some of the students made them outside while others made them inside the class the next day since it was raining. It was fun to see our children be so creative with their craft.

We hope you all have a wonderful vacation!