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In the class and in the mountains: cooperation! 教室と山の中で:協力!

This week has been a really big week for grades one and two.
We have almost finished our final project. There are two tasks for completing the final project of unit 6. First, each person had to write a four paragraph essay about an endangered animal. They had to include information about the animal, why it is endangered, and how people are helping those animals not to become extinct.
Secondly, students have been put into groups to create their own exhibition. Each group has one table and they can put whatever they like onto the table, as long as it is related to our central idea.
The essays students have produced have been fantastic. I gave the students very basic guidance about how to construct their essays, but the content and expressions they came up with surpassed all my expectations. Fantastic stuff!
The work students have been creating for their exhibitions too has been wonderful. Craft, games, quizzes, pamphlets, essays, collages, pictures and more! Not only has the product been great, but the process too. Students have shown a new level of maturity in how they are now able to work together. So much responsibility and cooperation on display this week!

If you would like to have a look at the students’ exhibitions, we will be showing our work on Monday between 10am and 11am. If you have time, come and take a look!
We have continued practicing with the grade three, four, five class for our welcome ceremony starting next week. The songs and dances are getting better by the day, and we are really starting to think about the new responsibility we will have as the older students guiding the new grade one from April.
If you have time, why not practice singing the welcome ceremony songs at home?

Finally, on Wednesday, we had a brilliant time in the snowy mountains. Cross-country skiing, snow hiking, ice digging, and more! We really got to thinking how much we appreciate living in the beautiful mountains of Nagano.
水曜日は新雪に覆われた山で楽しい時間を過ごしてきました!⛷ クロスカントリースキー、スノーハイキング、雪を掘ったり普段体験できないことを色々と楽しみました!綺麗な山に囲まれた長野県に住めることにどれだけ有難いことか改めて考えたいですね。⛄