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Finishing things and reusing them

Hello, everyone! We have had a rainy start of March here in Matsumoto, as the weather this week truly has been far from ideal. Not to worry, though, as the always creative and inventive Upper Elementary Class students have thought of an activity to do during the morning hours when they were prevented from doing their usual outside exercise. Together with Grade 1 and Grade 2 students, they have been practicing a special performance for the new students Welcome Ceremony, which will take place on April 8th. The students will perform two songs, the lyrics of which they have thought of themselves. They are practicing very hard. 🎤
Another thing that peaked the students’ interest this week have been the fun Math problems dealing with moving and re-organizing a group of matches to make new and exciting shapes or equations. They have spend the entire morning on Wednesday dealing with Math and expressed the desire for more problems.
It is amazing that there are only two weeks of this school year left in front of us. The students are getting ready for the Spring vacation and some of them are excitedly talking about the places they will visit with their families. Those who stay in ISN will definitely have a fun time again in the Spring program, which will run for two weeks filled with fun activities and spending time with some old friends who they have met in the previous years. Friday marked the students last gym lesson with Ms. Shino, and it was gym open day. The students made lovely goodbye cards for her as well. Thank you, everyone for coming and we hope you had a lot of fun. 🎖️
End of the school year also means the end of this year’s last Unit of Inquiry, dealing with Rubbish. Over the course of the last three weeks, the students have researched and shared their ideas about the disposal of waste in the World and in our community and about the importance of properly separating and recycling waste. Just this week, their class RAZ book dealt with the topic of Plastic – how is it good and in what ways has it improved our lives, and how is it bad and what problems arise from relying too much on plastic products. We have learned a shocking information that a piece of plastic thrown away in nature takes 400 years to decompose, but, because it is cheap to buy plastic products, people throw away millions of tons of it every day. 🗑️
The Unit’s summative assessment task, which the students have started on vigorously, is concerned with them assessing the current state of waste management at the ISN Shimauchi campus and thinking of brand new ideas to help minimize the problem and maximize recycling. The whole campus is looking forward to their innovative ideas! Have a wonderful weekend! ☀️