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Extinction, Pollution, Deforestation

Grades one and two have really progressed deep into the topic of our final unit of inquiry.
This week we focussed on some of the negative impacts humans actions can have on the lives of animals.
We began by looking at five animals:
Zanzibar Leopard
West African Black Rhinoceros
Golden Toad
Javan Tiger
Pyrenean Ibex
Students were asked to figure out what all of these animals had in common. By using Google, students made some notes about each animal and tried to find a pattern. We discovered that all animals had become extinct in the last 25 years. We looked deeper and looked at why they have become extinct, and made mini-books about these animals.
Next we looked at pollution, especially the problem of plastic in our oceans. We had some very interesting discussion, and saw that plastic in the ocean not only affects the habitats of animals, but also affects the food we eat!
Finally we looked at deforestation. A couple of weeks ago we watched a movie called “The Lorax”, so students already knew the importance of trees for the way we breathe (through photosynthesis). Our further research helped us see how cutting down trees is affecting the habitats of animals around the world as well.
Luckily, next week we are going to have a look at some of the organisations around the world that are trying to fix some of these problems and make the world a better place.
We had a really fantastic open day, it was lovely to see so many parents and have a chance to share with you a normal day in grades one and two.
Parent-Teacher-Student meetings continue this week. I’m really looking forward to seeing more parents and talking about the wonderful journey we are continuing on in our studies every day.
Mr Jimmy
最後に、森林破壊について調べました。数週間前にThe Loraxという映画を見たので、生徒達は人々が息を吸うのに木の光合成が大切だということを既に理解していました。それから、さらに調べを進め、森林伐採が世界中の動物の生息にどのように影響しているか知ることができました。