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Meadow January 15-18

This was a week of good weather for outdoor play. We had sunny days at the park, and for this season we always start park visit with a little jog to warm our bodies.

In the pool at Central Sports, the children are more water confident. They enjoy splashing and kicking in the water. While having fun, they learn to blow bubbles in the water, pop their heads in and out of the water and not be afraid. Good try, Meadow!

In our busy classroom, we play hard and work hard. The Teachers have great fun too with Meadow – having birthday parties, singing Anpanman songs, making aeroplanes and dressing up! The children expand their vocabulary through play.

We continued with letters Dd, Ee, Ff this week. The class learned that ‘D makes the sound /d/ as in dog, dog, dinosaur.’ We also worked on the concepts of comparison and opposites with ‘in out, open close, heavy, light’. The children practised their fine motor skills playing with teacher-made resources – inserting straws into paper bowl. The children loved it, and pretended that those were birthday candles on cakes! This seemingly simple activity works on hand-eye coordination too.
今週はDd, Ee, Ffのアルファベットを学びました。 ‘Dはドゥの音を持ち、dog, dog, dinosaurの単語の初めに来ることを学びました。反対の言葉についても引き続き学び、‘in out, open close, heavy, lightなどを学びました。また、先生手作りのオモチャで指先のトレーニングも楽しみました。紙皿に穴をあけて、ストローを通す、簡単なオモチャです。子供たちは夢中で遊び、その見た目から、バースディ―ケーキのようです。目を使い、手と指を動かすコンビネーションがあるシンプルですが、素晴らしいオモチャです。

It is the flu season, so do take care and have a wonderful weekend!