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Rainbow January 15-18

Hello Parents,
This week was filled with fun-learning activities, both inside and outside the classroom.
We spent a great time in the pool. Almost everyone could put their whole body in the water without being scared. 👏👏👏
We had lots of fun in the park. Rainbow tried to put on their jacket, hat, and shoes by themselves. If they need help, they would  say, “Help me please “. This week’s weather was sunny, we enjoyed playing in the park with our friends. Our laughter is contagious and irrisistable. We ran a lot to make our body warm.
公園に行く時、自分達で帽子を被りジャケットのチャックを閉め、靴の左右を確認して履く練習をしています。自分で挑戦しても出来なかった時は、「Help me please.」と言って教えながら一緒にやり達成感を味合わせています。公園では、天気も良かった事もあり、たくさん走って身体を温めてから遊びに入りました。

For our class lessons , we did number recognition 16, 17, and 18. Everyone actively participated in the activity. They stood up like little teachers pointing to the number they were asked to find. Awesome Rainbow! We also reviewed shapes and integrated it to our topic which is opposites. We could recognize the big and small shapes and we could make shapes by our hands. We loved doing it. For alphabet, we have been learning letters P /p/ for pig, Q /q/ for queen, R /r/ for rainbow, and S /s/ for seal.
クラスレッスンでは、16、17、18をみんなで確認し合いました。一人ずつ前に出てきて言われた数字を棒を使って答える姿は、まさに小さな先生みたいです。また、形と大小の言葉を使って言われた形を見つける事も出来ました。順番を待っているお友達は自分の手で大きな丸や小さなハートを作り確認し合いながら上手に待つ事が出来ていました。アルファベットでは、Pはpig、Qはqueen 、Rはrainbow 、Sはsealと単語も合わせて覚えています。

Have a lovely weekend everyone!