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Exercising the cold away

Although very cold (especially in the mornings ❄️), it has been a lovely week for the Upper Elementary Class!
We hope everyone’s Christmas holidays were as wonderful as ours. The students were full of impressions on Monday,  telling stories of where they have went with their parents, which games they have played with their siblings and the presents they got from Santa. These ranged from new shoes and stationery to video games and mountains of candy! Everyone was refreshed and ready to get to work.
This Unit of Inquiry is based around health, with the Central Idea being “People’s lifestyle choices can affect their health.” The students will learn about taking proper care of their bodies in order to achieve the best they can from them. The 1st Line of Inquiry is “People can benefit from a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy heart.” The students have started having daily P.E. lessons in the morning hours in the school front yard. 🤸
Upon being asked about their prior knowledge of the human body systems, the students came up with an idea of working in groups to create their own posters of the human body. One member of the group lay down on the paper while the others drew a body shape around them. Then, they used books and their computers to research and draw the human body systems and groups of organs inside the person. The students showed high levels of prior knowledge on the subject.
On Thursday, they saw a video about Jesse Martin, and Australian 17-year-old who was the youngest person to ever sail around the world on his own. His is one of the many inspiring stories that the students will learn about in this unit, including that of brain surgeon Ben Carson, golf player Francis Oumet and other inspiring people. Do all of them need to be healthy in order to do their jobs? ⛵
This week is also the last one that the students will spend together with their friends from Grade 2 before they move to their new classroom and new, Grade 1, classmates. We will still see them almost every day in the school and spend time with them in Project from 4 onwards. We wish them the best of luck! ☀️
今回の探究の概念はHealthでセントラルアイディアは、「People’s lifestyle choices can affect their health.(個々のライフスタイルの選択がそれぞれの健康に大きく影響する)」です。生徒達は、自分達の身体にとって適切なケアをすることで最善を尽くせるよう、体の適切なケアについて学びます。
木曜日は、Jesse Martin、17才のオーストラリア人、世界中を航海した史上最年少の青年のビデオを見ました。彼の話は、脳外科医Ben Carson、ゴルフプレイヤーFrancis Oumentや他の魅力的な歴史上の人物を含む、今回のユニットで学ぶ感動的なストーリーの一つです。彼ら全員は、これらの仕事をするために健康である必要がありますか?⛵