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All aboard the SS Dream

What an exciting week it has been! 😄
The students tried their hardest to perfect their lines and dances and finish making all the props and costumes needed for Friday’s performance of “Mystery Destination” at the Matsumoto Performance Center. Everyone was very excited! Some of the sudents were visibly nervous on the performance day as well, while some dealt with the stress in other ways, like playing games with their friends and reading books in the waiting room.
The play itself went amazingly. The students have truly put everything they had into the performance and the results were truly wonderful to watch. The parents and all of the teachers complimented the students as well, and they themselves seemed to have felt a strong sense of pride in their performance. Well done! 🤩
After the show, everyone enjoyed Santa bread they got as a Christmas present and played at the rooftop garden of the centre.
From next week, let’s relax during the Winter program! Have a wonderful weekend! 😊
とてもエキサイティングで楽しい一週間でしたね。生徒たちは、金曜日にまつもと市民芸術館で行うパフォーマンスショーで発表する『ミステリーデスティネーション』のための小道具や衣装全てを仕上げてセリフやダンスを完璧にするために頑張りました。みんなとてもワクワクしていました!パフォーマンスデー当日は、生徒の中には明らかに緊張している子や、控室でお友だちとゲームをしたり本を読んだりなど 緊張を和らげている子もいました。
来週からは、ウィンタープログラムでリラックスしましょう! 良い週末をお過ごしください! 😊